Where should we begin ?

Life and people- corrupting you to give up on them, forgetting the clay that has build your body, forgetting the stone that has raised your fortress.
Look at those eyes that have cried your pain, look at that heart that has stopped under the pressure of a merciless hand, look back at those empty nights that you have left behind and no one ever knew about them.
Most of the people are just taking you more far away from you, reserving spots and setting up tents in your soul. Only few will build their houses there; as well only few deserve that privilege.
Look at your feet been dragged through other people’s dreams while yours are forgotten.
Check out your hands that have caressed and took away the pain of others.


Have you even thought today how beautiful you are ?


3 thoughts on “Where should we begin ?

  1. Wow!! Great title of the blog where can or where should we begin?. To me I do think that many people in this society should begin by figuring out their life or where they see theirselves 10 years or 20 years from now. But I feel many so caught focus upon the past and not beginning to prepare for the future.

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    • Hello, johnnyboy46 !
      I thank you very much for your kind words and for visiting my blog .
      I think humans should do some many things and think in so many ways … but at the end of the day, we are all in a process of learning in this life and in our own way, we all do our best.
      Yes, I agree with you … We should really put more thought into our future then to stick to a past that will remain unchanged…
      Tell you the truth, even I peak from time to time from all the posibilities that I have missed ….

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