Society, our loving cage 

Look around just for few moments and you will see that in most of the places you guide your steps, there are only few alive people and so many more shadows of souls, lost in transition, being on a mislead path and carrying their lives, day by day, waiting for a divine help.
We think if we got a car, a rooftop, a spouse and a baby on board, a potential for a prosperous existence and a list with our beautifully thought desires- that is enough for a life and we have completed our journey much better than many others have.
It would be wonderful if these things would complete us as humans, would be a very comfortable shortcut to Heaven where God will honor us with his blessings. But that is not enough.  It is not only about us.
Every individual needs a way of his own where he can discover himself, where he can learn and progress, having around people who are growing and becoming wiser day by day.
It is not only about the things we can buy, the countries that we can visit or the beaches where we can take a shot for the sake of Instagram.  It is about a spiritual and emotional development as well, where you feel falling in the depth of aging while your soul becomes younger, your mind clearer and your chest filled with gratitude and kindness.
It is about getting what we need or want, without being confronted with the necessity of becoming other people’s shoe polish. No human being that was born free should tolerate any form of abuse from another human nor reach the extent where the only good things left are the ones bought with money.
No one should ever be knelled out of the need of another to show his authority.
Nowadays, those few who are trying to defend their values and stand up with honor and dignity, are being considered fools, rebels, non disciplined and actions are being taken against them. What has the world gone to ? How poisoning are eyes who only look to find a lack in someone else when there is so much beauty in everyone ?
The truth is : slavery has never stopped .
Most of us are enslaved by other people who are in a position of control, enslaved by desires, by wrong choices, by commitments to private or public entities.
We pay with our time for all the unnecessary things that we buy. We let others to tell us how good or bad we are because we can not do the management of our own mistakes or good acts. We give others power over our thoughts, reactions, emotions, we let them tell us that we are ugly, fat, skinny, stupid, worthless, useless… and we believe them.
We marry people because we want to share a loan with a second person or because that second person can cover up all our loans. However… I have met many who are getting married for the wrong reasons.
Then… our kids are born in an environment of parents who convert their sacrifices into chains that will keep their child under their command.
We raise them thinking that money are giving value to everything instead of teaching them that on valuable things you can never put a price.
We have no intention in defending something that is right if it has no effect on us directly, or on any other member of our family. We have no sense of community and we have sold the bravery that was inherited from our ancestors.
Men who have no respect for their women and women who think that if they have a growing career they need no more men.
Mothers who deliver their babies just for the sake of procreation and men who see in that a pride, because there is someone who is gonna inherit the name and all those things attached to it.
Only few think that it is a miracle to give birth and almost no one thinks selfless about a child’s future.
Only few will raise their kids with the confidence that they can make their right choices, that they can fall into the waves, go against their own storms, fail and raise numerous times without losing their identity.
I just wish for more hearts to melt seeing the beauty that surrounds us. I wish greed, vanity and pride to be only few words that have no more possessor.
I wish people who can help to help, whoever, whenever.

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