40 things that make me happy

“The grand essentials to happiness in this life are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”

George Washington 

I know that happiness may seem an exquisite emotion these days and it may feel that consistent work should be done until you will be bathed in its magic potion. That … until you realize the difference between contentment and entertainment.

Few things that lift up my spirit:

  1. Hugging that lasts more than 3 seconds.
  2. Being served a puffy flat white, in a cup that will not brim-over.
  3. Warm flowing water, rivering on my drowsy body.
  4. A fresh sheet fondling me, indulging my pores.
  5. A lukewarm room, absorbed by darkness and complete silence.
  6. A dress zipper that will slide the curves of my back, ending its hike effortlessly.
  7. Shoes blessed with that half size less or more, that match my feet impeccably.
  8. Needing one coin and magically finding it without scrubbing the whole purse.
  9. A furry, little friend, that pets me with his unworried snoring.
  10. Knowing that there’s one more portion left of my favorite dish.
  11. A good friend confirming the dinner date.
  12. Boyfriend and me sharing the same mirror for grooming.
  13. Setting myself comfortably on a window seat, feeling the earth rushed by the aircraft gears.
  14. The thought that I can change the landscape of my heart by simply playing my ’90s favorites.
  15. The opening sequence of a movie long awaited.
  16. Climbing the wooden stairs, on my way to the orchard.
  17. A shy, morning sun-ray, nuzzling my shivered skin.
  18. Golden rains that cheer the hills, leaving behind a glowing greenery.
  19. Meeting a childhood friend that has grown joyful and luminous.
  20. Parents and cat squeezing on my mobile screen for a Skype session.
  21. Boyfriend approving to watch a horror .
  22. Baby nephew growing smiles, expressions and giggles.
  23. Finding a cab as soon as I need one.
  24. The waiter remembering I like extra mayonnaise and no ketchup.
  25. Boyfriend replacing t-shirt with shirt.
  26. Meeting new people who can laugh with me without asking *Where are you from?*.
  27. Moonlight glimmering over the roof of my grandma’s house.
  28. Ripe tomatoes gathering under the mild summer rain.
  29. People holding the door for those following them.
  30. Boy comforting the girl’s sleep while she carelessly stretches on his side.
  31. Walking in the colorful world of books.
  32. Watching “Friends” while having breakfast.
  33. Deep and truthful conversations about sense and nonsense.
  34. Midnight drives in the cool breeze.
  35. The fragrance and texture of the freshly washed bed linen.
  36. The wind gently curving the crown of the trees.
  37. Cotton, ivory blouses.
  38. Mother fitting into my jeans.
  39. Polenta blended with cheese and butter.
  40. Stepping of the plane, knowing I will soon reach Home.

These are only few things that bring me joy and comfort. I know that they seem insignificant but I don’t need that much to feel that I have a cozy place on Earth.

My life is not always decorated with blissful moments but I am springing my garden inside through good intentions, monitored negative beliefs and compassion for myself and others. I try to generate waves of peace and keep my joy by giving pleasure to the people that I love. 

Please share with me below what keeps you peaceful these days, and what is the color of your happiness.

Much love,


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