10 Lessons My Twenties Have Taught Me

 1. We start listening very late in our life. Most of it, we are just waiting for our turn to speak.

2. Most of the things we buy, will become soon clutter that will be shoved into all the cracks of our house. On the way to the place we will settle for the rest of our life, we should only purchase what is mandatory or useful. Many things will be left behind after being utilized very less or at all.

3. While still having Golden Age people in our family, we should esteem them and enjoy their company. They are the only ones who can tell the story of those before us. Our parents are not the only ones that share their genetic code with us. We may inherit traits from people we once saw only in few faded pictures.

4. We should use time not only for work or any type of delight or amusement, but for thinking too. Mostly, we are running on autopilot without even noticing that our flight is reaching the point of disembarkation. We should take moments to mediate and be still; it’s easier to track if we head on a wrong direction and maybe we can do something about it.

5. Never roll vicious thoughts while in bed, before sleeping. Charge your space with good vibration, keep your mind in a sunny, blissful place even if that is illusory. Your house is your temple, so is your body. Keep them away from the world’s chaos.

6. Truly intelligent people will make you feel intelligent too. And comfortable. And valued. They will expand humbly and joyfully their knowledge, wisdom and visions  over you, while seeing the world as a place where there is always someone to learn from.

7. Parents may know most of the times what is best, but not always. And they shouldn’t. We are responsible for our choices and for the way we live the rest of your life. If we reach the finish line with a sense of disappointment and regret, even if we will have names to place the blame on, it will not really matter. We have to take responsibility for our own happiness.

8. Plans may not always work but planning is essential. Life can change in a split of a second. There are no promises made to us that things will work out but setting goals is part of a healthy life. Keeps us alive and focused. Our mind should always target something, as little or as big as we like.

9. We are not our job, the money we make or our possessions. It’s easy to make yourself believe that a good bank record comes in with other unquestionable virtues, it’s even easier to devalue yourself if you are still on the way of finding meaning and your financial resources are limited. The truth is, society has manipulated the idea of wealth since centuries, and this led people to identify themselves with their resources. We are more than a number.

And the last one is part of Robin Williams philosophy, one of the most fundamental, defining quotes I have ever read :

10. […]and medicine, law business, engineering, these are notable pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.

Hoping that you share few lessons with me, I wish you many more things to learn further.

Much love,



3 thoughts on “10 Lessons My Twenties Have Taught Me

    • Yes. You are right.
      You know … even after years of crashing into life and situations, I wouldn’t say I am enough wise.
      But, sadly, I have met many who reach honorable ages without understanding how is the world built nor what should they take further with them.
      Thanks for always passing by. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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