What I wish You for 2020

In the New Year I wish you all :

To see the world always brighter;

To look for the one hidden inside the one talking to you;

To seek for sources of light and warmth and to enhance them;

To let integrity dictate your actions even if such would mean making another the winner;

To hug the trees, the stray animals, the little people and the big people;

To listen to the old and guide the young;

To never sell memories or family heritage;

To not rush, to not shout, to not discriminate;

To do one good deed everyday or say a kind word or even do as little as not doing anything bad;

To cry before yourself when crying has to be done, for nothing seals your wounds better;

To listen to your body, to your instincts, to find always a source of inspiration;

To know about yourself that you have the right to be angry but you should never be mean;

To find the one good thing to say, regardless of the thousand bads;

To love, unconditionally, immensely, completely. Anything. Anyone. Anytime.

To be kneeled by nothing other than prayer;

To pray and to ask God before asking anyone else.

May you enter the New Year filled with hope and may wealth of all sorts find its way to you!



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