Sketching someone's features is a deeply intimate process and it bonds me with the model. I get to swim in their expressions and see their features coming to life. I draw their stillness while imagining the movement behind it. Meet a beautiful stranger, a Hawaiian woman I caught a glimpse of when watching last year's … Continue reading Wahine


For those who have been on a spiritual path, the "Dark night of the Soul" is a term that they might not only be familiar with but also an experience that has defined the rest of their lives and the way they relate to the world and themselves. The most challenging and demanding energetically, emotionally, … Continue reading Purging


I have always lived with the feeling that something miraculous is about to happen to me. That at any corner, know or unknown, I will meet with an experience that will have me bewildered.That I am about to do something extraordinary. I didn't reach this mindset because I had an easy path but because I … Continue reading Giving