Sketching someone's features is a deeply intimate process and it bonds me with the model. I get to swim in their expressions and see their features coming to life. I draw their stillness while imagining the movement behind it. Meet a beautiful stranger, a Hawaiian woman I caught a glimpse of when watching last year's … Continue reading Wahine


Yesterday, I dipped my finger in the moonlight and painted my name on the sky of your soul.Your trees sprang to life under its glow and I could feel you smiling quietly behind the closed curtains of your eyes. My name bears the history of my disappointments and joys, the seemingly endless roads toward myself … Continue reading Moonlight


I have always lived with the feeling that something miraculous is about to happen to me. That at any corner, know or unknown, I will meet with an experience that will have me bewildered.That I am about to do something extraordinary. I didn't reach this mindset because I had an easy path but because I … Continue reading Giving