Why are you not safe and why it does not matter ? 

If you are safe? Never. If you are in control? I’m laughing inside. Never… not even a drop, not a step, not the flutter of your lashes, not even your eyeballs running from one scenery to another, not your mind making up bright ideas, not my fingers now unleashing emotions alike with yours.

Thinking that me and you have control over our most significant steps, is just an illusion that keeps us satisfied, feeds our vanity, gives us a sense of accomplishment. Purpose. It gives us purpose.

Thus, seek experiences that will make you richer, even if your choices will seem an act of rebellion or your voice too loud for others. Nothing is to be lost or gained, only memories to build, people to meet, love stories to live, hands to touch, hearts to reach each other in a mutual cry.

Who can really tell you where will you be tomorrow or if you will even be? Who can really say what is under your feet, or if the Earth is flat or round or square, or if we are alone in the Universe, or connected to a source, or disconnected from it because we were sinful?

Is there an absolute truth?

Just leave that job, take that flight, call that girl, say your truth as you feel it without hiding in corners, in the shadow of your cowardice.

Millions of minds thinking thoughts that end up in darkness, unknown. Ideas travelling without finding an enthusiastic heart to settle. Divine touches flying away unnoticed because there is no one who would dare to trust and follow their call.

Because of fear, your tactful friend. Your little dwarf who would sneak in to the dustiest corners of the mind only to chain your hopes, leaving behind doubts, restlessness, shame and questions.

Why should you fear? Who is there, between humans, who can force his hand into your chest and leave you without your most needed heart?

Pack your feelings and drag them behind you, sit on a bench and unveil yourself to the sky. Tell truths that travel through your veins and loose the shame, the decency, the questioning, the quilt. Meet your answers and bring them to the world, explode in words, colors and shapes that speak the story of a wanderer.


” The big lesson in life, baby

Is to never be scared of anything or anyone “

Frank Sinatra




3 thoughts on “Why are you not safe and why it does not matter ? 

  1. This is so true,there were many days when I was hiding myself,but at the moment I decided to expose my ideas to the world I met many great people,and I got many chances to find a better job,but all this happened at the moment when I stopped to give a chance to those who have prejudice of any kind..People say a lot so I watch what they do

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    • Lela, I think one of the hardest things to do in this world is to speak our heart and be authentic. I am so glad you managed to work your way out of your shell.
      Call that an achievement .
      I am in and out. Don’t quite seem to find a balance but I am working hard on it .
      Thank you for sharing your experience. Say more whenever you feel like.
      I love learning from others. 🙂


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