Flying over Nowhereland

I’m gonna pack my hopes, and head to Nowhere.
No, you’re not!
Why not?
Because no world is welcoming for a girl who has only hopes to pack. Not even one that is called “Nowhere”.
What is wise to do when the bet is on keeping your spiritual structure, physical body, and mental health unimpaired?
Isn’t the bottom that place where you feel empty, and discouraged and the cold shiver of desolation has reached your bones?
Is any other emotion more damaging to you, than a feeling of void that goes on and on, with few cracks that allow just enough light in? Can it go lower than that?
If it can’t, then what is there for you to risk?
Life is a tremendous game that keeps us playing until there is nothing else to gamble. You sit at the table, ridiculously poor, watching perplexed how others are counting fortunes.
Hoping for better things to arrive is a dangerous way of living but it’s the only one worth it.
You just choose to jump in the wave even if you have no idea how to swim. You decide that you have only yourself so you shouldn’t compromise time by entertaining negative self-talk.
You remember that you met people who saw wonderful features in you and you know now they were right.
You lift your wings and fly Nowhere, while never truly leaving your bed. You just know that wherever you may choose to land, the flight will never end.

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