You are as happy as you want to be

Sometimes, I had to crawl on my way up. Collapsing so many times has diluted my spirit, and my walk became clumsy. I tried to resume but my legs just wouldn’t listen.
Look, it is not going to be easy but you are going to make it.

I just had to tell myself this and stay still, so I can hear voices in my heart that would answer my prayers.
It was dreadful. The walls that were built to shelter me, changed the way I see the world.
But you know what are a few things that liberated me?
Surrendering to the idea that I will be guided by Higher Forces
Avoiding identifying myself with my job, my choices, or other general aspects of my life
Recognizing my flaws, being aware of what is unhealthy in me, and what must be corrected for the sake of my peace
Identifying those traits that have been in my family for generations and ended up blended in my genes, sabotaging my purpose
Interaction with any person has become an opportunity for me to discover hidden beauty, and learn lessons.
It took time but I have found a few answers.
It took time for me to understand that I can find ways to show respect to my parents, without necessarily leading the same life as theirs, without agreeing with all their core principles and instead adopting my own.
On the way, I guess they too understood why it was important for me to become myself, and not one of them.
It took time for me to understand that even if I dearly love my friends, I don’t have to be always like them, follow the same paths, or share the same ideologies.
Of course, fortunate are those that share a similar, good fate but if doesn’t happen then that too is OK.
Once in a while, life will bring us together in front of a cup of good old memories and dreams for the future.
I am a mix of other people in this life; a genetic blend, topped with experiences, circumstances, and a cup of luck and planning on the side of my plate.
However, wherever I end up, that is a place where I am needed.
Sometimes, it will not necessarily mean that that is for my best but maybe for someone else’s best.
Yes, this is how this complex operates.
In a lifetime, I shall play the role of a Queen only to slip into the shoes of a pawn in a glimpse.
As I get my chance at happiness through unknown circumstances, maybe someone else gets his chance at happiness through my failure, or my pain.
We don’t know what we are being served next so whenever we get a good hand, we should deal the cards marvelously.
Live today with whatever you are given, understanding that your mind is attaching emotions to your experiences, to determine where you can be classified (as per society’s system of labeling).
Don’t fall, like our many brothers, into the illusions sold at an overrated price, but find beauty in every aspect of your life, even if not everything seems blissful.
Meet me tomorrow in a world where love is the fuel of our actions.
“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

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