The world does not need you happy

Happy people are bad for the economy. If you would be happy with what you have, why would you want more?  The need will be created once you will have a flaw pointed, once you will become insecure about aspects of your life.

Happy-looking people will greet you in the commercial breaks making you feel like your life is not enough and others are having a better time than you.
You will be trappend in a matrix that will make you doubt your own existence, your worthiness.

Next to the glamourous life some may have, yours will look faded and blurred.
This is when you become a victim of this unballanced world.

I promise you that if you have the chance to enjoy days hugging nights, a sky that dances it’s wonder in front of your eyes, the voice of someone you love and the promise to a next day in a fresh warm sheet, then you are already living someone else’s dream.

Don’t fall in the illusion that was created to sadden you and break the trust in the importance of your journey.

Be aware of your own existence!

One thought on “The world does not need you happy

  1. Brilliant gratitude like this is something I’m trying to cultivate. Difficult to write about and accept, because we always seem to want more. There’s a great book called “The Happiness Trap” that talks about why humans always want more, and how evolution has bred us to get as much as we can. He reckons this comes from a survival instinct, but obviously now that’s out of date and so we can learn how to be grateful and content. Big love X


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