We Are One

I gracefully kneel my soul, while understanding that Ego is just a product of my mind and pride is its side effect.

This time comes, when you start to see behind the curtain of the world. You sit with all the actors and watch them silently, while they remove their costumes.
You’re still, dressed in the shadow of their ignorance.
You sit there, all unimportant, observing their precious attitude losing its glow.
You know that they too might be sad, confused, angered, defied, unloved, betrayed, lost.
Each one of them thinks he is brighter than another, and at the same time smaller than many.
I am fooled no longer by their appearance, by the shallow aspects of their life, by their fake laugh and fake lashes. By their car key.
By their cash-down villa.
By the sparkle hanging everywhere.
By their glamorous social media profile.
I know how imperfect they are.
I know that they are as human as I am.
I know that a demanding voice unfolds an insecure, volatile personality.
All of them, are different versions of myself, with slippery hearts, with aching minds.
We are one.

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