My onyx nights

I am affraid no longer to melt into the tempest of life. To respond with restful eyes to the bitter words that travel my way.

I just lay back, curving the reality by storing wishes in the Akashic records.

My cheek melts into a lucid dream every night, my eyes are engraving the ceiling every morning.

My spirit is loose, swinging between my two worlds- he’s never here, he’s never there.

There is this time, when I see with the heart, behind the heavy walls, when I swim the twilight. Where I am no one, and where no one who watches matter.

So what if I don’t always see the sunrise?

That does not mean the sun is no longer there.

So what if the sky will cry me back on Earth?

I live in sequences and bliss is not my only destination.

No matter for how long the heavy minds will push against me, I shall not be forever torn.

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