Tips for a happy life


For the past 4 years I’ve worked with people from over 150 nations, colleagues or customers, each of them “crashing” into each other in one of the busiest airports of the world. One of the biggest challenges I have faced is being patient when people are ruthless, aggressive, demanding, lacking common sense and emotion.

“Just do your job. You’re not paid to talk this much.”

“You don’t know who I am?”

Sometimes I even feel like my name has changed to “Excuseeee meee!”

But one thing I have learnt is that in most of the cases people aren’t angry with me but are angry at themselves. Their demanding attitude shows a sense of lack in their own life, their rage is a result of a deep rooted frustration.

Understand that their behavior towards you speaks nothing about who you are, but everything about who they are.

2. Have expectations but assume that you might be disappointed.

Are expectations good or bad? I guess they just are. I feel them wrapped around our needs, system of beliefs, desires. It is just like saying that we should never fall in love because we will end up suffering.

Have expectations from yourself, from people around you. That makes you a human, with emotion, with dreams about the future. Not always expectations are serving us but we need to assume that not everyone will react to situations as we do.

Expect anything to be lived, any wonder and any pain. None of them is bad, both having purpose on growing you into a marvellous human being.

3. Stop thinking that resisting pain, negative self talk and anxiety makes you a stronger individual.

We are manipulated by the idea that in order to be socially accepted we need to be always happy, cheerful, with a positive attitude and a will to entertain our audience any time of the day, regardless of the emotions that run through our body.

I say allow yourself the grief of losing, the pain you feel when something goes wrong. Let it flow through you and accept it as an essential part of your life. No need to explain people why today you are not smiling, why you don’t burst of joy and sustain their chat.

You are for yourself and you know that whatever you resist persists. You have no right to be mean, but you have all the right to be upset.

4. Treat yourself as you would treat a 5 year old.

With patience. With understanding. Nurturing your soul and body. For Heaven’s sake, you’re all you’ve got!

5. Learn to appreciate solitude.

It may feel like a void at times, but it is actually a place where you learn a lot about yourself. And about the relationships you have with others.

Solitude can mean awareness, introspection and it can be felt as a place where your soul finally escapes the constant, tiring murmur of the world. A place with infinite possibilities where you can work on your craft, challenge yourself to be creative, teach your mind how to lean on itself.




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