Important questions to ask yourself

  1. Kindness to please people or kindness to be kind? Am I kind because I am seeking for approval or am I kind because I can, want and have all the resources to respond to a request?
  2. How much can I sacrifice for something worth sacrificing for?
  3. Have I judged someone for actions/ thoughts that I would secretly do/ have myself?
  4. Should I be working, hopeful that the hard work will be glorified or should I build a concrete strategy?
  5. How much and to whom can I give without any expectations attached?
  6. If all the inconveniences, interdictions, clutter, people, mistery would be removed from my love story, would I still want to be with that person? Do I love the person or I am enjoying the adrenaline?
  7. How long can I spend in the same place, doing the same thing, without feeling dull?
  8. Would there be something that could make me trade my integrity?
  9. Should I be following a principle that has been proven to be succesful or should I follow my reckless, uncertain gut?
  10. Am I stifling my own voice and inner cry with the expense of my own health?
  11. How many people would I choose to go out with, if solitude would become a delightful place to be in?
  12. Am I writing my own destiny or was my destiny already written before I even stepped into the world?
  13. Are my thoughts creating my reality and if yes, could I discipline my mind in order to achieve well-deserved greatness?
  14. Is it really impossible to achieve or am I just excusing my lack of determination?
  15. Am I becoming apathetic at the things life throws at me?
  16. If I am being questioned, will I be courageous and assume responsibility?
  17. If I could ask for one thing only, what would that thing be?

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