The Way I love

I tried and tried to tell the stories,

Of common feelings passing by

But truth is that I have no glories

And certain lacks I can’t deny.

I died to conquer and to stand

Against the many pains I’ve felt

I broke my heart to understand

Deceitful cards my life has delt.

I kneeled to pray and asked and cried

For things that other people flaunted

Thank God he knew it was just pride

And gave instead the life I wanted.

What I have saved from what I’ve lived

Is seeding love that can not fade

But some will ask: What If you need

Another thing, one day, to trade?

I’ll say that life has granted more

But truest love is what I seek

For other things might have in store

But love is what I mean to keep.

The truth is that I have no glories

No fortune, name or things to pride

The way I love has been my story

My lover’s heart has been my guide.



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