How to release old pain

“If you could say it in words, there would be no reasons to paint. “

– Edward Hopper

One thing which I’ve noticed during some painting sessions, is the avalanche of thoughts. Good ones too but most of them are deeply disturbing. Memories, conversations, life circumstances that have affected me more or less.

They resurface as if they have a mind of their own and they stick around for as long as the painting session lasts.

I find myself focusing on details and colours and then I suddenly see some familiar face in the back of my mind, in a scene that has gotten me sad or angered in the past. And I relive it with, maybe, the same zeal.

I know that sounds so unappealing. But I guess that art therapy is all about solving both new and old conflicts. And how else could we do that if we do not unlock them from the depths of our minds or souls and let them wander?

I am most of the time exhausted after such exploration of my inner world, but I have a sense of relief too. I think to myself: “Finally, I got closure! ”
or “Oh, thank God I got over with this!”

And all this happens while my conscious mind is swaying my brush on the canvas.

So, if there is something I would recommend today, to someone who is struggling in one way or another, is to invest themselves in some form of art.

It does not only mean bringing in the world a small piece of art ( even if unrefined) but as well, burning old bridges and building new ones.


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