Falling again for Fall

Fall uncovers something inside me that I can never truly put into words or explain to others.
There is a nostalgia which enfolds me like a mist, a cooling but reviving experience.

Throughout my younger years, this season ment leaving my grandparents house and heading to the town for the first school semester.

After a summer spent in a village that seemed almost as a big orchard, I had to put on some fresh, newly bought clothes, fill my fountain pens and meet completely different expectations.

From the girl who would spent nights on the porch contemplating the Moon, the crickets and the fireflies, I had to go back to concrete playgrounds and an outdated marking system where kids would throw chalk at each other instead of plums or grapes.

Autumn reminds me of the different characters we get play through all the seasons of our lives.

We get to be wild and sun-kissed and unconcerned, with days passing without being timed and no interest in world hunger, economy or politics.
Some other season finds us wearing all day long uncomfortable shoes, running errands and meeting people we may or may not like and the end of a day, find comfort in long, scented baths or reading and having a glass of wine.

I can not say every day is a good day but I can say that every season is worth living. The transition is a merry-go-round but the destination uncovers the people we are supposed to be. Packed with experiences and unafraid to start it all over again.

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