Life is Now!

Yesterday, while I was ruminating on the real value of wealth, my mind introduced me to scenes from my childhood. Glimpses of a life where I was constantly overflowing with joy and prosperity. And mind you, as a child born immediately after the communism fall, I had a very late exposure to the colorful wraps and toys that today are available at any corner.
However, I had this natural ability to enjoy anything that came up and please myself in multiple ways even with little opportunities in hand.
I couldn’t help but wonder : where exactly do we lose that connection with self? When do we stop being playful? How do we return such instincts?
And then it hit me.
It might not be easy to see it, but I now firmly believe that every one of us is carrying that wonderfulness within. It never ceases to exist. It just takes a different approach to unfold.
While things such as joy, bliss, satisfaction, serenity, and happiness were inherent in childhood days, now they follow a precise discipline of the mind.
They come when we call them upon. They reach us when we work for them and we dedicate ourselves to making them happen. It’s something that needs to be exercised. Just as we exercise our muscles.
Then they open up to us, even if for mere seconds.
I am a hunter for such moments and I know that while adulthood is more demanding, we can take the time to liberate ourselves from the illusion of lack.
I have yet to meet a person who does not carry a fortune inside. I look at people and most are children who now have lines and worries but they feel and hurt as any small creature would.
And maybe more than any other time in my life, I feel connected to everything that surrounds me. I understand that everything happens at once and we do not live in a linear time as we’ve been told. Everything that can be felt is right here, for us to choose.
And I can only wish that more people see this in themselves. That their moment is now and it’s the only moment they will ever know
and the only moment that will ever matter.

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