“My passions and hobbies are not a quotation – I know why I love what I love.”

“I am ever-changing. Every part of me is evolving and while I feel in some days stagnant, I know there is growth even in that stagnation. I just can’t recognize it yet.”

“I can endure pain in all its forms.”

“I must, must, must control my instincts. They are dishonoring everything I ever read, learned or thought to know.”

“I know that in the midst of doing a string of right things, I did one wrong. I did it and now I know the good has vanished along with it.”

“Am I still self-centered? Was I ever? Maybe me asking myself this question implies that I am not?”

“No matter what I do, I still feel I am not working hard enough. Or smart enough?”

“I have left my mind again to run the vessel.”

“I must be very dumb. I know I have lived but have I learned anything at all?”

“Who am I kidding? I am too proud to call myself dumb. Self-deprecating humor is yet another form of manipulation.”

“If there is anything you can be in this life, be always kind and courageous.”

“Now I know that it is not easy to have always patience with the ignorant, the arrogant and the stubborn.”

“Observing the world and its lack of common sense and mannerism without becoming cynical, is a constant battle.”

“Aggressiveness may not be highly tolerated but people react to it. The agressor will most likely understand that he has done nothing wrong and will just proceed for its next victim.”

“One person who doesn’t speak against abuse, will soon become a 100 people who don’t speak.”

“The more insecure people are about their beliefs, the more aggressively they fight to protect them.”

“Patience through hard days is good only as long as it follows a strategy of ending the hard days. Else is just a perpetuum escape from a reality we dislike.”

“I pray not to reach a point in this life when I will think that I can be taught nothing else.”

“Manners or grace can not be bought.”

“Friends acquired in the adult years are people with whom you have an exchange of some sort.”

“The more I read, the more I understand that I am nothing and I know nothing.”

“Some days are prayers.
You walk, and while walking, all your thoughts are like strings of hope; they valse and reach the sun.”

“I said so many things without actually saying a word. My mind rambled the darkest, most upsetting secrets, my likes and my dislikes, some memories; I spoke of my trips, my loves, my many roads, without letting a whisper out. You didn’t even know I was talking.”

“Your voice is a song that is pressing down on my every brain cell.”

“The world never really belonged to poetry or lovers or any form of art, but today, like in no other day, it seems nothing more than a senseless, idle crowd. No substance whatsoever.”

“There is no going back to who I was. A change is unfolding and I can feel its strenght. That makes me yet again a stranger to everything around me.”

“How short is my life? How short is his? How short is ours?”


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