The Good in Them

When people are good you just know. And I don’t mean the good that is inherent to all of us, the one found beneath layers and layers of anguish and misery and experiences. I mean the good that has preserved itself at the very surface of a human being, despite all the challenges their soul has encountered. And while some think it takes years or at least several shared experiences to know the true value and core of a human being, I humbly disagree with them.

Every so often, a quick glimpse at somebody, whispers to us an entire universe of aches and misfortunes that have wounded but not conquered that soul. You see it in their eyes, their mannerism, their humble confidence, hear it in their voice and you know that they are one of those who would prevent suffering if they could. They often played the role of the rescuer or at the very least, if they can not bring any good because of their circumstances, they would never do something to cause harm.

You will always recognize these souls, and once you do, it feels like your heart has merged with theirs in a common understanding of the world and its enigmatic ways. And now you are, on a higher plane of existence, joined in fire but freed by the thought that you are not alone on your journey.

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