A thousand years

I feel this feeling I have felt before. I feel it and it’s as alive in me as it was 10 years ago. Or 15. Or 1000. There is no way for me to describe it. There are no words. But it’s there and I have never felt more at home.
I remember myself looking for it. Everywhere. In the sky. In the ocean. In every person, I met. I know the joy of having it and the pain of looking for it for what seems now a lifetime. Or lifetimes.
It took me lifetimes. Light years traveling across galaxies. I looked for it as a star cluster, as a meteor, a drop of water then as a leaf, and later on as an ant. I then looked for it in my thousands of lifetimes as a human. And it sometimes seemed that I had finally found it. I felt it brushing itself against me in an ethereal way.
Now it’s here. I know you. I have known you and us since the beginning of time.

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