I have always lived with the feeling that something miraculous is about to happen to me.
That at any corner, know or unknown, I will meet with an experience that will have me bewildered.
That I am about to do something extraordinary.

I didn’t reach this mindset because I had an easy path but because I felt so much pain in all its forms, loneliness, and desperation. Despite everything, there is something inside of us that breaks through the walls of our concealed turmoil. A light awaiting stoically for us to take notice of it.

I wish that everywhere I go and anyone I love or touch or simply share a space with, gets entangled with this fire I carry along. I want anyone or anything who sits by me to feel just as vibrant and soulful as I do. People may be at the receiving end without even knowing and that makes it even greater.
I can give and give and give and never get tired of giving. That is how much I have received and that is my miracle.

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