For those who have been on a spiritual path, the “Dark night of the Soul” is a term that they might not only be familiar with but also an experience that has defined the rest of their lives and the way they relate to the world and themselves. The most challenging and demanding energetically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, this experience will take you through excruciating pain because you are purging and shedding negative energy, cleansing generational curses, and returning to an enlightened state of being. This is a gradual process that will shed your ego and will take you back in time, within yourself to confront your trauma, insecurities, and emotional blockages.

You don’t go looking for enlightenment, spiritual awakenings, soul mates, twin flames, or some other items related to this that might still look and sound like a fantasy or the product of a deeply disturbed mind to many ( like any New Age philosophy for that matter). It is something that happens to you, that finds you and it is not as romantic as it sounds.

There is a phrase coined by Lao Tzu that I always remember whenever I find myself trapped in a loop of some sort :

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. ”

This is enough now for me to not question the slightest or burliest interruption to my neatly laid path. I see everything and everyone as a new master and I try my best to understand what am I lacking. Why am I meeting with this kind of event, experience, and feeling?

It’s wide; the world. The seen and the unseen. And things run as deep as a thought can go. There are layers and layers of dimensions that we are unaware of. And some changes happen every micro-moment, movements as unobtrusive as the tip of a needle or even smaller, that drive us to an entirely unique path that feels like that of a stranger.

But there is nothing strange in awry roads and I feel there is where we may find the greatest companionship, most mesmerizing places, and the most profound love. In both the darkness and the light that comes from the unknown.

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