Roses, lilac, wildflowers, classic novels, cherries, homemade brandy, paper hats, small wood tables, random pathways that take you to apple, plum and walnut trees, Margarita, mirabelle, strawberries, dogs, linen sheets, cotton throws, whites and greens, my 33-year-old swing, sunsets, full moon, zinnias, peonies. Home.

*In Romanian, dor comes from the Latin word dolus which means “pain” and is related to the Romanian word durere (which means “pain”). The word “dor” has no exact translation. It is somewhat similar to the Portughese “saudade”, it is both a verb and noun and expresses longing, love and missing all in one. ‘Dor” is a central theme for many Romanian folklore songs, and depicts the poetry, depth and magic of the Romanian language.

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