Quantum Entanglement

I love living and although I have sometimes been trapped under so much despair and pain and injustices of all kinds, I still wholeheartedly believe that being alive is a grand thing.
Having the ability to feel and observe the movement of my own body in a space as big or as small, is something I cherish deeply.
As much as I cherish witnessing the particles of life and light, dancing unceasingly outside and inside me.
The vastness and uniqueness of every organism living its life along with mine.
The power of observing the night sky, silky and curved, adorned with little sparkles that are, in fact, large celestial bodies made of the same elements as you and I are.
The miracle of fully using my senses.

The privilege of brushing myself against this mystery we call “life” is of colossal proportions.

In your worst days, I want to remind you that regardless of how limited our lives might feel at times and how restricted we are by our circumstances, there is a layer of life out there where our souls meet in freedom and love.
And while we yearn always for the next hour or the next day or the next year, hoping it might hold more peace or more answers, subtle changes take place in every micro-moment and we are, with every minute, more alike and less apart.

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